Thunder PowerJet

The Thunder PowerJet fits any size or brand carburetor. It is exactly what you need to achieve maximum performance from your engine. The TPJ improves performance by precise fuel metering with needle valve adjustment. Fuel distribution is improved by adding fuel through two sources instead of just one. This means more horsepower at any temperature or altitude. The TPJ gives you a range of over 10 to 20 jet sizes with a precision external adjustment.

Thunder PowerJet works great on stock or modified motors, two stroke or four stroke engines. TPJ can be used on Turbo, Blower or Nitrous equipped engines. A one way check valve is included which holds fuel close to the TPJ for extra quick throttle response. The one way valve also protects against blow back from the engine to the carburetor. The TPJ can be used with fuel injection by adding a remote float bowl. The TPJ body is nickel plated to resist corrosion and keep it looking sharp. The viton seals are compatible with all fuels including race gas and alcohol.

A large knurled knob with an index pointer makes adjustment easy. Each kit comes with complete instructions and necessary mounting hardware. Installation is easy and tech support is available.